Wilkinson Engineering has been involved in various projects including

Jabiru Ranger Uranium site

Eight month contract servicing heavy earthmoving machinery on the tailings dam lift/Jabiru Ranger Uranium site.  This included all aspects of mechanical fitting and boiler making skills to maintain the up keep of all earthmoving equipment and plant involved in the dam lift project.  The entire 8 month contract was rostered 12 hours per day and during this period Wilkinson Engineering Pty Ltd were LTI free.

BOC Darwin Liquid Helium Plant

Ongoing maintenance and preventative maintenance contract onsite since 2012. Wilkinson engineering supply BOC with qualified mechanical fitters on call 24 hours a day.To date Wilkinson engineering have successfully manned 2 major shutdowns and have carried out various repairs to the facility, including turbine rebuilds, rotary screw compressor change outs, cooling tower maintenance and rebuilds, multiple pipework jobs, welding and fabrication work. Wilkinson engineering have also been a major contributor to the safety system and procedures onsite, which has been evolving since the commencement of our contract.

Offshore Oil & Gas Facility Maintenance

Over 6 years’ experience in offshore facility maintenance covering various FPSO, FSO and drill rigs though out the North West and Asia. Services include rebuilds of reciprocating and rotating equipment, commissioning and shut down projects, motor mans duties, preventative maintenance, and coupling alignments utilising a laser alignment unit. All work carried out was LTI free days.

CNC machining

Manufacture threaded couplers for Leighton contractors which were un- obtainable in Australia, This involved reverse engineering the thread form and producing couplers which exceed the standards required.

Manufacture, assembly and commissioning of LPG odorant skid

Wilkinson engineering were involved in the manufacture, assembly and commissioning of the Ban Ban Springs LPG odorant station for APA Group. The entire project was driven by APAs strict Quality guidelines, systems and controls, with full documentation and tractability offered by Wilkinson engineering. The project ran according to schedule and LTI free.

Excavator Buckets, dozer blades, loader buckets, scrapers, drill rigs

Rebuilding of various sized excavator buckets to suit 20, 30, 35, 45,  85 and 125 ton machines.
Loader buckets and dozer blade rebuilds/refurbs and line boring. These machines have all been rebuilt/refurbished on site and in the Wilkinson Engineering Pty Ltd workshop.

Manufacturing of 68 Modular Freestanding Stairwell units

All 68 units were fabricated in our workshop to certified specifications and consisted of over 70 tons of RHS.  The project ran under budget and was completed well within the specified time frame.