CNC Machining

Utilising the latest CNC technology, Wilkinson Engineering specialises in highly accurate, precision, three dimensional component manufacture from any machine-able material within 0.005mm. We also offer repairs, refurbishment, production runs, reverse engineering, design and custom components manufacture. For turning and milling solutions we can provide:

CNC 3 axis milling offering maximum machining travel offering:

• o X axis 2000mm, Y axis 1 OOOmm and Z axis 1 OOOmm with a workload of 7 tonne

CNC turning offering:

  • 400mm spindle bore
  • 3m between centres
  • 1.3m swing through gap
  • The ability to chuck 400mm diameter at 12m length and
  • bore blind hole to 600mm deep
  • Gear Cutting
  • Internal and external splines
  • Internal and external keyways
  • Internal and external tapered oilfield and drill ing threads to a maximum of 16inch.Any and all thread forms to a maximum diameter of 1m internal
  • Flange facing and gramma-phoning to a maximum diameter of 1.3m 00
  • Ability to machine hardened materials over 500 grade
  • Machining all grades of carbon & stainless steel, engineering plastics and composites, bronze, brass, copper and aluminium.